The Masterpiece Of Decentralized in Entertainment


The BLUECHIPS Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that can be used as part of BLUECHIPS PROJECTS.

The BLUECHIPS Token is the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency for where certain entertainment world have been created that handle all needs and demands of its users comprehensively (“BLUECHIPS PROJECT”).

BLUECHIPS PROJECT uses a decentralized blockchain-based technology token as a tool for its ecosystem that use for ENTERTAINMENT


  • Tickers Symbol: BCHIP
  • Token Background: ETHEREUM (ERC20)
  • Smart Contract : 0x5ef227f7ce4e96c9ce90e32d4850545a6c5d099b
  • Decimal :8
  • Total Supply :
  • Number of Token Sale : (60%)
  • Softcap :200 ETH
  • Hardcap :500 ETH

Bluechips Products

  • BTube video sharing platforms like youtube, the difference is Btube only discusses everything related to investment business in general and cryptocurrency in particular
    • the benefits of watching and using this platform are:
    • Users: they will get points every time they watch a video, which point can be redeemed to a Bluechips Token and can be cashed
    • Creators: they will generate $ from the number of viewers and subscribers but $ cannot be directly searched for fiat money but must be converted to bluechips token first


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Q4 2020

Concept idea of the BLUECHIPS Creation of the BLUECHIPS.

Q1 2021

Build infrastructure and website development

Expand teams and networks for marketing

Development of smart contract for the storage of basic information

Q2 2021
  • Token Sale
  • Listing of BLUECHIPS on exchanges
Q3 2021
  • Opening the website version the poker game
  • Release the mobile game application
Q4 2021

Launch of the beta version shares social media videos specifically for crypto users.

Q1 2022

Final Release BTube

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